Job Opening: All-round Content Specialist

Image source: Business news daily

Image source: Business news daily

We are on the hunt for the most inclusive places in Singapore and around the globe.

This role is for an energetic, creative, digital media maestro who is capable of creating a wide range of content that can motivate a diverse audience to achieve amazing things. 

In this role you will:

  • Produce educational resources, blog posts, infographics, video clips, social media posts and other content for distribution through digital and print channels.
  • Be guided by insights gained from our engagement with grassroots groups of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans people, people with disabilities, diverse women, other groups and allies.
  • Work as part of our user engagement team.
  • Contribute to making the world a more inclusive place.

This is a project-based, paid position. The candidate can work from anywhere globally as long as aligned with Singapore-time.

Flexible hours with minimum 10 to 15 hours per week, from July 2017 to September 2017.

This is what you will need for the job:

  • An outstanding portfolio, showcasing a foundation in written, visual and audio content creation, editorial skill, and idea generation.
  • English proficiency with excellent skill in written, visual and aural storytelling and communication. Proficiency in any of the following languages: Bahasa Melayu or Simplified Chinese will be advantageous;
  • Mastery of software and tools for capturing, editing, packaging and optimising audio, video and photographic content for distribution through social media channels;
  • Hands-on experience with prototyping as a means to explore and test concepts prior to execution.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with a proven track record in using content and social media to bring together diverse groups and facilitating dialogue;
  • A passion for smartphone apps, social media and other digital tools;
  • Honesty, maturity and professionalism enabling collaboration and negotiation within a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Self-discipline and ability to deliver high quality results with minimal supervision.
  • Familiarity with sociopolitical environment in Singapore, Southeast Asia and other parts of the developing world is an advantage;
  • Familiarity with B-Change Group’s portfolio of work an advantage;
  • Curiosity and passion for continual learning; 
  • Able to work independently, comfortable with working remotely and in flexible working hours arrangement; and,
  • Able to maintain productivity as a member of an international team that works remotely.

B-Change encourages applications from capable individuals who are women, transgender people, ethnic or racial minorities, people living with HIV, refugees or people living with disabilities.

*Applications for this position are now closed*

We promote positive social change through technology. We are on a bold mission to build an app that helps makes the world a more inclusive place for everyone.

About B-Change

Our vision is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, people with disabilities, diverse women, allies and business to be at the frontline in making cities more inclusive.

Our partners include Ashoka, Levi Strauss Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, USAID, Brand Union and Javasparks. We work in conjunction with Google.

We have broad expertise in business development, technology, social media, media, communications, marketing, social justice advocacy and public health.

We have hubs in Manila, New York and Singapore.

*This post was updated on July 10, 2017.*