Vote for Inclusion at SXSW 2017

An example of how our partner in social justice - REMAKE - uses tech to promote better jobs and more inclusion of women in the developing world.

An example of how our partner in social justice - REMAKE - uses tech to promote better jobs and more inclusion of women in the developing world.

It’s time to get serious about inclusion.

Following the success of our crowdfunding campaign the B-Change team keeps its focus on technologies that promote greater inclusion of LGBTI and other groups.

We have proposed a special panel for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017 that explores how women, people with disabilities, migrants and the LGBTI community use technology to promote greater inclusion. At SXSW we want to capture the attention of the movers and shakers in business and tech who can help scale-up our work.

But we need your vote to get our panel proposal accepted. Please vote now via the SXSW Panel Picker voting platform (registration required). Community voting closes Saturday, September 3 at 12pm (Manila/Singapore time).

SXSW is a high profile conference held annually in the southern United States. Every year since 1987 companies, community groups, thought-leaders and celebrities have descended on Austin, Texas to explore the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. We believe SXSW to be an important venue for raising the value and importance of greater inclusion in today's digital world.

Social and economic inequalities are intensifying on a global scale, especially through the lens of gender, race and sexual orientation. While the politics of hate attempts to divide us, inclusion recognises everyone’s contribution to society. Sadly inclusion often receives mere lip service from corporate executives and politicians.

Through our panel we will bring together movement builders who use tech to enhance the inclusion of women, LGBT, migrants and people living with disabilities. Panelists will share how technology-for-good can make inclusion measurable, concrete and enduring.

We are proud to work together with REMAKE on this panel. Remake is the world's first platform that harnesses the power of film and visual storytelling to inspire millennial women to become advocates for the invisible women toiling in factories around the world to bring our fashion to life. Both Remake and B-Change are recognised as pioneers for social justice by Levi Strauss Foundation.

Watch how our friends at Remake use social media to bring the lives of women in the developing world upfront as people choose what they consume.

Watch B-Change founder Laurindo Garcia explain his vision for a mobile app to promote greater inclusion for LGBTI in his presentation at MCON 2016. B-Change has successfully raised funds to start building this app thanks to a recent crowdfunding campaign.