A BIG thank you to our supporters as B-Change turns five!

Image Credit: http://blog.charitydynamics.com/5-creative-ways-to-thank-your-volunteers/

This week B-Change turns five!

And on this occasion our team gives heartfelt thanks to all the people who have supported B-Change’s first-ever crowdfunding campaign so far.

Their support is helping us to build a mobile app for promoting greater inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Southeast Asia and around the world.

We're just halfway through our campaign and it’s not too late to encourage more people to support our cause. We need more people to invest in a better more inclusive future for LGBTI. Please refer your friends and family to our Crowdrise campaign page. Donations of all sizes are welcome!

All the people listed below have given to B-Change’s 2016 crowdfunding campaign and we thank everyone for every dollar they have given. Each member on this list will be acknowledged in our inclusion app when it is launched.

While we celebrate a challenging yet amazing five years we express our gratitude to Levi Strauss Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, USAID and Ashoka Philippines for their enduring support as we pursued our mission to promote social change through technology.

And most importantly we acknowledge the deep commitment, determination and integrity demonstrated by the staff, directors, trustees and advisers who have helped made B-Change the organisation it is today.

B-Change Supporter Honor Roll

(as of July 25, 2016)

  • Yin
  • Andre Nguyen
  • Kim Han
  • Susanne
  • Alex Noone
  • Yvette, Barney & Isis
  • Allan Fernandez
  • Jeanne Lim
  • Sonny San
  • Tobi & Sha-Mayn
  • Paul & Hossan
  • Andreas
  • Steve Austin
  • Steven
  • Chee Chuan Yang & Aaron Tan
  • Richard and Mark
  • Geoffrey Longstaff
  • Wilfred Macrow
  • G&T
  • Brendon Fernandez
  • CN
  • Jeff & Nick
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Zky Dennis Sim
  • Neal Rudge
  • Avan
  • Luka Skandle
  • Joe Henderson-Tang
  • Rob Morrison
  • Mark Aldie
  • Douglas White
  • Dan Lichauco
  • And the dozens of givers who each made a private donation

Image source; The Workshop by CharityDynamics