Join us for a webinar on cyberbullying and young LGBTI: 'Click to Dis/Connect' - June 6

B-Change Foundation invites you to ‘Click to Dis/Connect?’, a webinar to address online bullying and violence experienced by young lesbian. gay, bisexual, trans and intersex  people (LGBTI).


Can we just ‘click to disconnect’ from bullying and bullies? Can we just ignore trolls? 


  • Saturday, June 6, 2015


  • 3:00pm-4:30pm
  • 4:00pm-5:30pm (KUL•MNL•SIN)   

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Join us for a compelling and lively discussion where participants will come together to share knowledge and experiences about online bullying and violence.  Key stakeholders from the Southeast Asia region and members of the B-Change Foundation team will discuss the various initiatives and resources that combat online bullying and violence and promote well-being for young LGBTI.

Organisations participating in the discussion are APC Women, Arus Pelangi (Indonesia), Ardhanary Institute, Google, TLBz Sexperts, UNESCO and many more!

Who should attend:

  • Young people, including young LGBTI and their allies
  • Community advocates and activists
  • Mental health professionals and other health providers
  • Human rights defenders

This webinar follows the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bi-phobia (IDAHOT) 2015 where the global focus was LGBTI youth. 

This webinar aims to:

  • Address bullying and violence against young persons of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions in online and offline spaces;
  • Discuss strategies and initiatives that protect privacy, enhance agency and counter  surveillance; and,
  • Explore the various strategies for redress from the community and private sector across Asia.

Some of the key people who will share their knowledge during our webinar include:

Dizz Traksi, Ardhanary Institute

Dizz Traksi is the counselor coordinator of Ardhanary Institute’s LBT (lesbian, bisexual and trans) Crisis Center. She holds a bachelor degree in Psychology from Universitas Indonesia and has been interested in LGBT issues since she was still in school. Her main interest lies in the issues regarding sexual diversity and violence.

Her first encounter with LGBT movement was in February 2012, when she joined a counselor training held by Ardhanary Institute. She volunteered as one of LBT Crisis Center’s counselors right after the training until August 2012, where she decided to resign in order to complete her undergraduate thesis. She resumed her service in LBT Crisis Center in April 2013 and has been working as the coordinator of the counselor team (Tim Konselor) ever since.

Vaishnavi Jayakumar, Google

Based in Hong Kong, Vaishnavi is a regional analyst on the Public Policy & Government Relations team. She sits on the strategy and operations team that drives public policy positions and campaigns across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Russia.  She focuses on technology policy issues revolving around privacy, cybersecurity, and child safety. Vaishnavi works with governments and civil society to advance technology policy issues, maintain a user-focused online environment, and support an open Internet.

Prior to joining Google, Vaishnavi was based in Los Angeles, managing the financial side of expanding the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts’ parks in Asia,, with a focus on Hong Kong Disneyland. She has previously worked for the Government of Singapore’s Ministry of Law and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s ABN AMRO Bank in Mumbai. Vaishnavi holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently completing her Masters in IT & IP Law (LLM) from the University of Hong Kong.

Timo Ojanen, B-Change Foundation

Timo Ojanen is an Associate at B-Change Foundation in addition to pursuing a PhD in Health Social Science at Mahidol University, Thailand. He has conducted research on anti-LGBT bullying both online and offline, research on mental health services with LGBT clients, as well as research on gender and sexuality issues more broadly. Timo has previously volunteered as a counselor with Finnish and Thai LGBT organizations.


Nabila is a published author of several queer-themed short stories and poems in both Malay and English. She is a feminist, sex and body positive, a teacher and a spoken word poet amongst other things.

Justine Sass, UNESCO Bangkok 

Justine Sass is the Asia-Pacific Regional HIV and Health Education Adviser and Chief of the HIV Prevention and Health Promotion Unit at UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education. She supports research and programming on homophobic bullying and other school-related gender-based violence, sexuality education, and HIV prevention and enabling environments for adolescent/young key populations.

Ryan Sta Maria 

Ryan is a fashion designer based in Cebu, Philippines known for his work in couture and menswear. He draws inspiration from the many cultures that he encounters in everyday life, and cultures he explored worldwide. Ryan equally draws inspiration from pop culture, including music, art, architecture, film and photography. His work spans editorial, advertising, runway, red carpet, music video, television and film.

Ryan graduated from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde where he took up Bachelor in Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management. He  worked as Marketing Assistant for Philippine Fashion Week for 2 years, then flew to UAE pursue his dream to be a Fashion Designer at Chanetall Haute Couture. Ryan says that his greatest accomplishment isn't in the past, "it's the present; this moment, the 'right now', I'm living my greatest accomplishment every minute of every hour of every day."

Benjamin Xue

Ben co-founded the first LGBT youth support group in Singapore, Young OUT Here (YOH), in 2007. YOH have helped over 120 LGBT youths by being a safe place to be who they are. He's now part of the Pink Dot SG organising committee, handling social media and community groups.

Nada Chaiyajit, TLBz Sexperts

Ryan Korbarri, Arus Pelangi 

Laurindo Garcia (webinar facilitator), B-Change Group; (find out more Laurindo)


More discussants to be announced soon.

Background about B-Change Foundation and the BE web-app

B-Change Foundation provides care, support and advocacy services for young LGBTI people and their allies across Asia. The Foundation’s web-apps, social media and other web-based platforms connect young people to their peers as well as to community-friendly advocates, health care providers and support groups. Platforms created by the Foundation enable community-based groups to learn from each other and improve the impact of their advocacy work.

The “BE” web-app offers a safer space for young people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) to ask questions amongst their peers, and to connect with others in the community. “BE” users have access to high quality educational information, and trained multilingual Community Managers are ready to help people in need of direct assistance. “BE” also connects and refers users to community organizations and health providers.  “BE” users are able to find services near their current location through online maps with geo-tagging functionality. And on “BE”, users also have the opportunity to provide real-time feedback about the quality of services they received

BE is currently available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Thai, with Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and other major Asian languages to be added in the near future.