#SongsToChangeTheWorld.03, from the B-Change Team

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We continue our weekly series where members of the B-Change team answer the question: "What songs inspire you to change the world? "

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The Beatles - All You Need is Love

Selected by Lucky Budod, Associate at B-Change Foundation I'm in my twenties and I love this song simply because music - like love - is universal. Music is music. Love is love.


Mary Lambert - Same Love (Cover Version, in-studio recording)

Selected by Bo Percival - Associate at B-Change Technology: This was made famous by Mary’s collaboration with Macklemore. Sometimes I feel it's the: “straight guy’s song for LGBT rights”. 

This cover version says something about the minutiae of Lambert’s relationship with her girlfriend and how the things she talks about represents the feeling of all relationships, regardless of orientation. 

This song makes me more determined to change the hearts - not just the minds - of those that oppose what we are doing; linking back to the Macklemore lyric 'damn right I support it’. 


ESKA - This is How a Garden Grows

Selected by Laurindo Garcia - Founder of B-Change Group I have a handful of songs that keep me motivated when times get tough. This song is a recent addition to my list and it always reminds me to be patient. 

Changing the world takes time and Eska’s lyrics speak to nurturing and cultivating something with love in the long term. I’m thrilled ESKA won a British Music Award last month for this album. Looking forward to sharing more songs soon.


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