Our team Celebrating the end of 3-year strategic planning workshop held in October 2015 in Thailand,

Our team Celebrating the end of 3-year strategic planning workshop held in October 2015 in Thailand,

We are a social enterprise group. Our mission is to promote social change through technology.

Our current five-year strategy set us on a course that began in 2013 to understand how social media and mobile apps can help lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people (LGBTI) and other marginalized groups locate providers of inclusive health, social support, education, housing, employment.

Our mobile app initiative designed to make the world a more inclusive place by contributing data to civil society stakeholders, industry bodies and human rights mechanisms.

By using social enterprise practices we provide consultancy services to generate revenue that sustains our work while achieving social impact.

We have a strong track record of partnerships with the private and public sectors to advocate for social justice and human rights for all.

Research we have conducted since 2011 has strengthened our knowledge about access to inclusive services in today’s digital world. Support and technical assistance from Ashoka Philippines, Levi Strauss Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme and USAID helped make our research possible.

By engaging directly with people in the community we have gained deep insight. We have learned by experience the difficulty of helping people navigate to life-saving services that are community-friendly. Our diverse team comes from the developing world and has first hand knowledge of the challenges that millions of people face in search of dignity and livelihood.

We are transforming the outcomes from our research into action using websites, social media channels, mobile apps and services direct to community groups. We share our findings and engage decision makers in business, government and civil society advocating for more inclusive societies.

Our main areas of expertise are stakeholder engagement, digital product development and research insights. Manila, Singapore and New York are the hubs from which our global team operates.

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Need help finding an inclusive place or service?

Want to find providers of health, education and entertainment services who serve your individual needs?

Find these inclusive places with BE,  B-Change's flagship initiative. Our team of community experts on inclusion can send you an answer within 48 hours. Confidentiality guaranteed.

With a vision of making the world a more inclusive space, BE is a discovery platform that curates and rates services that meet the needs of marginalized groups and their allies. 

BE: making the world a more inclusive place

BE: making the world a more inclusive place