B-Change is a dynamic, international social enterprise group

with intimate knowledge of the global South, designed for self-sustained positive impact.

Using local knowledge for global scale

A regionally and globally dispersed team whose know-how and experience hails from the global south.

Seeking collaboration and partners

Actively open to exploring partnerships with like-minded organization.

Designed for self sufficiency

Adapting the 'social enterprise' model to bring innovation to community development.

Transparent and accountable

Strong leadership values are at the core of the organisation .

Diverse, including and progressive

Promoting a environment that aims to be fair, rights-based and supportive of professional development.

Committed to learn, grow and innovate

An organization where lessons-learned approach is applied to everything we do.

Our portfolio works

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The B-Change Group five-year vision for promoting health and human rights.

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Grey UI Kit

Enabling HIV-positive gay men to help each other live positively.

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Supporting the happiness and well-being of young people from sexual and gender minorities.

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Apple Keyboard

Gathering and sharing data about the location and quality of HIV services around the world.

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Our belief is that positive change in the world starts with solutions that we create .

Work collaboratively to promote social change through technology by designing and sharing digital ideas that stimulate real world action.

  • Prioritise approaches based on human rights.
  • Design for clarity and usability.
  • Strive to lead, rather than respond.
  • Collaborate and build partnerships into everything we do.
  • Continually innovate, learn and adapt.
  • Nurture talent, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Uphold transparency and good governance.
  • Remember: technology is meaningless without people.


We need to be the change we wish to see in the world .
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiSocial Justice Advocate

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