BE is one of three community engagement platforms from the B-Change Group designed to empower people to take action for positive change in their community

Our roots are from diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) communities in the Asia-Pacific region; this is our lens. From this experience, our organization is afforded a unique perspective to create change that transforms and improves lives. We will achieve our goal using a social enterprise model, with social media, apps and databases as our primary tools for getting the job done.


What problem are we solving?

Organizations often struggle with using technology to achieve social impact. Technology is commonly seen merely as tool for mass dissemination of information. But the potential of technology is so much greater. What is missing is our understanding of technology can transform advocacy into meaningful action; what people do once they are informed? How can we use technology more effectively to address inequality in the world.


Our Solution

B-Change believes the missing ingredient in technology-based advocacy is meaningful engagement. Our team believes that if we design our adovcacy technologies more mindfully we can achieve the social good for we are striving.

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Our Business Model

Our group creates value by gathering data and engaging users with the products that we build. There are three areas of expertise across our group: stakeholder engagement, digital product development and research.

B-Change collaborates with organisations across civil society, government and the private sector in pursuit of our goals. Our programmes have helped community initiatives across Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa and the United States.

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Our Team

Our team wrapping up its three-year planning process at the 2nd annual b-change Group meeting held in October 2015 in Thailand, made possible thanks to the generous support of Glen Goei.

Our team wrapping up its three-year planning process at the 2nd annual b-change Group meeting held in October 2015 in Thailand, made possible thanks to the generous support of Glen Goei.

The B-Change Group brings together a diverse group of experts from the LGBTI community and our allies who work across three hubs in Manila, Singapore and New York.

Our team originates from the Asia-Pacific region and includes:

  • Community advocates whose battle scars from activism have been transformed into invaluable strategic knowledge
  • Technologists who have brought solutions to grassroots organisations in the developing world
  • Accomplished young academic researchers working at the crossroads of health, technology and human right
  • Business professionals with acumen that has been sharpened by experience in the global private sector.

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What we need to achieve our vision?

The B-Change Group is in the midst of transformation and additional investment is prerequisite for bringing our work to the next level. Native mobile engagement apps must be delivered in order for us to enhance the user experience and stickiness; sustained marketing initiatives are essential for engaging a critical mass of users in five markets, the feedback loop on health and social services for young people can only be closed if we bring validated data trends to decision-makers in compelling ways.

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Our accomplishments

Our Supporters: Since 2011 B-Change has been building upon investments from Ashoka Philippines, Levi Strauss Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, UNICEF Indonesia, USAID and a handful of community-minded individuals.

We are grateful for the technical advice provided by organisations such as Advocates for Youth, Oogachaga, International Planned Parenthood and OutRight Action International.

This collective support has enabled us to draw talent, gather data, build partnerships and infrastructure that places us at the intersection of health, technology and human rights.

Early evidence of impact: Although we are a start-up we have encouraging signs that our work is headed in the right direction. Our team are inspired by two instances where our engagement work has empowered young people to change the world.

The Story of Darius - Episode 1 of the 'Stories of Being Me' web-video series.

Darius Lim produced ‘The Story of Darius’ with a grant from the 'Stories of Being Me' web-video initiative mustered the courage to come out to his family as a result of producing his film. Since then Darius has furthered his LGBT advocacy by becoming a contributor to Asia’s Element Magazine and sharing his experiences working as a volunteer with Pink Dot Singapore.


The Story of Cha - Episode 2 of the 'Stories of Being Me' web-video series.

Cha Roque also produced an autobiographical episode with a grant from the 'Stories of Being Me' web-video initiative. Since then Cha increased her visibility as a vocal advocate of inclusion of LGBT families in the Philippines having appeared in national media, organising community events and forums and taking to social media to advance an advocacy issue that is close to her heart.

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